Here is a listing of my past published articles:

  1. Space idea: How to create your own rooftop bar and garden (ANCX)
  2. Nine tips tor keeping an urban garden well-watered despite El Nino (Agriculture.com.ph)
  3. From dallah to cezveh, this coffee equipment collection is a celebration of cultures (ANCX)
  4. Why is there only one fruit on my Jalapeno plant? (Agriculture.com.ph)
  5. Why the usual tikoy and feng shui press coverage of Chinese New Year doesn’t tell the whole story (Philstar Life)
  6. What do those words in ang paos actually mean? And could you use any ang pao for any occasion? (Philstar Life)
  7. A case for growing the humble oregano in every urban garden (Manila Bulletin)
  8. I started painting in my 40s and I’m living proof that learning a new skill isn’t age-related (Philstar Life)
  9. Public relations practitioner shares how she started her rooftop garden in Manila (Agriculture.com.ph)

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