I harvested my first ginger

When the ginger we bought from the market sprouted “eyes” before we were able to use them, I cut off about an inch of these and planted them.

I am starting this blog in the midst of a garden reset. I have a abandoned most of the plants to let them die off.

This ginger plant is the one that is still alive. This morning I noticed its leaves drooping.

So I decided to see if there’s anything to harvest.

Well, look at that, the ginger did grow a bit. After cleanup, it looks like this and weighs 48.7g.

It’s small, for sure. I planted this around October 2020. Ginger plants are harvestable starting on the 5th month. Most people wait for 8 to 10 months.

Among the things I can correct/look out for in the next planting:

1. More sun. I don’t know if I can do much about this unless I change my polycarbonate roofing to a clearer one.

2. If I can’t do much about the first, I’ll compensate with more religious amendment and conditioning of the soil. Not to mean I will fertilize it every day. But I know that my soil is more nitrogen forward at the start. So I can amend with more banana leaves for potassium and apply BIM more religiously to make the nutrients more bioavailable to the plant.

3. Adjust watering. This plant has actually experienced drought more than ample watering because of my neglect. But in the last two months, we had employed a househelp who decided to regularly water the plants he he. This might have been watered more than necessary.

For growing and harvesting tips, see these posts by Anyone Can Garden:

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